Journal Entry - Chapter 22

1. Chapter 22 pages 435 to 457
2. Peekay is left with an empty sadness and loneliness because Doc dies. Peekay, at first does not understand why Doc did not put up a fight, or why he did not wait for Peekay to get back and be with him during his last moments on earth. Peekay builds the courage to go and look for Doc, and finds a hidden note outside the crystal cave explaining why Doc did what he did. Peekay realizes that Doc will always be with him, and that they can never be separated. Peekay returns to school, and convinces Singe ‘n’ Burn to allow Peekay and Morrie run a night school for black boxers. It becomes very successful, until one night, a police officer searches the school on a mistaken warrant, promising that he will be back with a correct warrant, and take anyone who does not have a passbook to prison. They decided to discontinue this night school and start a Correspondence School, which will become a big hit.
a. Gideon Mandoma
b. “ ‘I do not come from a nation of slaves, but I have been made a slave. I come from a people who are brave men, but I am made to weep. I, who am to become a chief, have become what no man ought to be, a man without rights and without a future.’ ” (447)
- Strong-Minded
- Motivated
- Understanding
- Friendly
- Courageous
- A Leader
d. As the novel goes on, Peekay starts to be influenced more and more by Gideon. Starting with the boxing match, Gideon challenges Peekay. Peekay almost loses his match, and the title of Onoshobishobi Ingelosi. Gideon gives Peekay the idea to start a school for black boxers, making Peekay really think about how blacks are treated in that time, and how they can never “beat the system”. “In South Africa, when a black skin is involved, politics and social justice have very little in common.” (445) Gideon helps open Peekay’s eyes. 
4. A quote that really stood out to me in this chapter is, “And we would always be bound together, he was very much a part of me. He had found a small, frightened, and confused little boy and had given him confidence and music and learning and a love for Africa and taught him not to fear things.” (441) This quote shows that many people influenced Peekay, but even if they go away, the ideas they taught Peekay will never leave him. This also relates to the power of one because these mentors introduced the idea of courage, and originality to Peekay when he was young, helping him grow and fully understand what it really means, shaping his identity.

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