Bedroom Prompt

Bare white walls, hungry for a tint, tone or shade. The soft, fluffy carpet caressed her toes as her feet sunk down into the floor. A twin bed sat in the back corner with loud, aquamarine blue sheets tightly wrapped around the old mattress. Two feathery pillows, in matching cases, leaned lazily against the stark white headboard. Accompanying the bed was a blue and green polka dot nightstand, music bursting through the speakers of the iHome. Across from the bed, with little room in between, was the tall dresser with six drawers and circular knobs. Next to the dresser, was the disorderly desk, textbooks, folders, and papers lying in a heap. A royal purple gooseneck lamp on the left corner of the desk provided extra light, since the two twin windows did not attract the sun’s rays. Every now and then the deep purple paper lanterns dangling from the window would catch the sun and light up the room. The double sliding door closet was pressed into the wall in the left corner, close to the desk. The smiles of friends served as decoration, on corkboards hanging on the walls, and in frames standing on the desk and dresser. Memories secured in a trunk plastered with bumper stickers lies adjacent to the closet. Abruptly, the lightweight door flies open, slamming against the wall, the bronze handle scratching the paint, and the forceful wind shuffling some papers on the desk. She rushes in, heaves her bag onto her back, and sprints out of the door. 

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